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Default Warrior Diet

I've been trying the warrior diet for about 2 weeks now for a variety of different reasons: 1) it's convenient since I am very busy with work and class throughout the day, 2) I'm someone who likes big meals, 3) I'm looking to drop some extra weight (currently under 170# [about 9-10% bf] at 5'6") as I don't like being too thick for my height (even though it's not really bad weight). I was hoping to get some feedback from those who have tried the diet or are just knowledgable about nutrtion in general.

Though the diet says that one should eat fruits and vegeatables throughout the day, I find that it gives me energy crashes and so I tend to do better just fasting throughout the day. Should I keep trying to give fruits and veggies a chance during the day since they are so essential to one's diet?

Also, I am someone who values athletic performance as I am currently shifting my focus toward track and field. Is the one meal a day enough to support performance for a prolonged period of time or should I anticipate switching things up? I haven't noticed a decline in my performance although the drop in weight as blunted since I started.

Thank you in advance for comments and advice on the subject. I am always looking to learn
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