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Originally Posted by Tom Rawls View Post

Is the book worth the money?
The book is definitely an eye-opener. Verkhoshansky has some great ideas, although his breakthroughs are more in the explosive strength arena. It may be difficult for you to comprehend, as some of it was difficult for me to comprehend as well. The translation by his daughter was pretty good, so some of the difficulty just came from the fact that he doesn't fully explain everything and assumes that the reader understands the logic.

Even if you do have trouble understanding parts, I'd be more than happy to explain them to you. I think it could possibly be an educational interaction for everyone here on this board. I also asked questions to someone on another board who is well-read in Verkoshansky's works, so you could read that as well after reading the book.

The book has two primary aims: 1. Answering the question of how to increase both aerobic power and capacity so as to stay aerobic until the final kick at the end of a race. 2. Showing a model for implementing the block periodization model, which is not well understood by many in the West.

If those two aims interest you, then I suggest you purchase the book. Plus, Verkoshansky is one of the pioneers of periodization and the creator of shock training (aka. plyometrics). His works are worth the read, if you can understand what they're saying.
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