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John Filippini
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Fun day out on Hopkins campus with assorted kettlebells for conditioning.


1 - Two sessions of indeterminate length tossing a single kettlebell around - one person does a lift at whim, then passes it to the next person, and so on. First session with 28kg bell, second session with 40kg bell.

2 - Managed to C+J the 40kg bell, as well as a few juggling tricks. I could barely pick it up when I first tried in October(ish).

3 - Managed to C+J two 32kg bells a few times. Very hard, but definitely reasonable.

4 - Finished with 50 one-arm swings each side with the 28kg bell at speed.

5 - Haven't done conditioning this serious in a long time, definitely knocked me on my ass. A lot of fun though!
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