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Rafe Kelley
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This is weird jump to me. It is 14 feet the farthest true gap I have done. I did this jump a year ago and made it. I tried in march and bounced of bruising my heel badly. Working on long jumps into a pit I can consistently get 14 feet out of three steps and about 17 with full run up. So this is pretty far for me. I am surprised I made it with such a terrible run up.

To my eyes, I am hugely overstriding, my arms are kind of wild and crossing the midline and my shoulders are rolled forwards and tense.

The last two steps seem ok to me long step shorter step I get descent height, form in the air is ok. But the run up is really terrible I am curious if anyone has any suggestion on drills to improve the run up. Any drills on take offs would be appreciated to.
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