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Brian Baggetta
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Not to unnecessarily dredge up a really old thread, but this seems to be the closest thing on the board to a topic I've been thinking about lately -- namely, how to incorporate (simple) gymnastics with CA WODs.

Specifically, I am thinking about starting the Strength Cycle from last December, but would like to continue working to improve my muscle-ups (current 30 m/u time is a hardly-respectable 8:10) and work toward a free-standing HSPU (currently not even close).

My plan right now is to slightly modify the CA WODs by replacing the metcons with track work (I'm also trying to get back into track -- 100m and pole vault, if it matters), and am wondering if there would be one way better than another to get the basic gymnastic stuff in. I plan to do the CA WOD lifting in the mornings MTWFS and sprint/track work in the evenings MWS, with T and TH off.

Any thoughts appreciated. . .
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