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Your overstriding is very much due to heel/toe running, IMO. 'Running up tall' is great cue for me to ensure good run mechanics. When you're overstriding your hips tend to be way lower, which is acceptable (even desirable, but it's not done in the same way) for the takeoff but not the run up.

Originally Posted by Rafe Kelley View Post
When doing jumps on flat ground under less tension I am able to have more concious controll and display better form.
If you think you do, practice that under less risky conditions until it is engrained. I guess this is a parkour training element, so I can't really comment.

I am curious about drills long jumpers use to get rid of movement errors like that to essentially force the brain to get used to the more efficient motor pattern.
I believe that is also termed practice. :P

- forefoot running (aka 'running up tall')
- long jump pit

1. run up
2. takeoff
3. landing

1: from a 2-6 step approach, run hard but upright, aim to hit the board (not so important for the traceur), without losing speed or overstriding (very important).
2: standing long jump. full extension and arm drive.
1,2: from a 2-6 step approach, running hard but upright, jump as far as you can (as much height as you can), land in a lunge (driving knee forward, takeoff leg back)
1,2,3: same as above, after some hang time bring the takeoff knee forward to meet the driving knee, as both legs straighten and straight arms come down and forward.

as your takeoff improves, increase the approach length and speed.
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