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John Filippini
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Snatch Balance: 4x45, 3x52, 3x61, 3x2x70, 2x1x75
Clean (HB): 3x55, 3x65, 3x75, 3x2x86, 2x1x91
Snatch Pull: 4x70, 3x78, 4x2x87
Front Squat (FAST): 5x80, 4x92, 4x3x106
Planks: 3x30s@50kg


1 - Snatch balances, cleans, and pulls all felt easy. General consensus was that if I snatched the way I pulled I'd be snatching 90+.

2 - First time doing planks in a while, decided to modify my technique towards what a friend suggested a while ago - keeping my lower back flat to the plate. I hadn't been paying this any mind before and letting my back arch as much as I felt like. Dropped from 75kg to 50kg and was still dying, but it felt a lot more productive.
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