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John Filippini
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Snatch: 4x45, 3x52, 2x61(f3), 2x70, 3x1x75
Clean+Jerk: 3x55, 3x65, 2x75, 2x86, 3x1x91
OHS: 4x55, 4x63, 2x3x72, 3x77, 2x77(f3)


1 - Lifts felt good despite hands still being torn. Just needed to perfect creative new taping methods.

2 - First time doing overhead squats in close to a year. Neat. Working off of 90kg as a ballpark, which seems just about appropriate.

Snatch: 4x45, 3x52, 3x61, 70(f), 70(f), 70(f), 70(f), 2x2x60, 2x2x65
Snatch Pull: 4x65, 3x75, 2x3x87, 2x87
Front Squat: 5x80, 4x92, 3x106, 3x2x120
BTN Snatch Jerk: 4x60, 4x70, 3x80, 3x90, 2x2x95


1 - I hate lifting in the morning. Gym closed at noon today for the holiday though. Le Suck.

2 - Snatches felt awful, couldn't get over 75% today.

3 - Coach had me cut my pulls short and move on to front squats.

4 - Squats were surprisingly easy.

5 - Happy about finally feeling like I'm doing the snatch jerks with what feels like legit weight.
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