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Great thread. I read it a little while back and now have something to contribute.

While doing a light pick-up workout in the garage today, I just thought I'd noodle around and try out the split snatch. Wow. I worked right up to 60 kg with it for three singles, no problems. It felt very natural for me. My best squat snatch is 70 kg. I didn't attempt my max today as yesterday was a max effort day and I was pretty beat up from that, but I think, based on what I did today, I could easily adopt this technique. Some of the criticisms of the split snatch in this thread are duely noted, and apparently, because I'm a 35-year-old creaky "master," it kind of makes sense why I take to split snatch so easily.

However, I have no problem going very deep on my cleans and shoulder flexibility isn't really a noticable problem for me. In fact, I tried a few split cleans and didn't like the feel of the lifts. I prefer the regular squat clean to the split. It's been noted I must have a mental block on the squat snatch. I don't know what it is, but I found the squat snatch to be a nice detour from my regular squat snatch work - more comfortable and more fun. I won't stop squat snatching, but I think I will do about half-and-half of squats and splits.
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