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Originally Posted by garrett stack View Post
I think Lars may mean drop..
Thanks. Drop not bump.

Originally Posted by garrett stack View Post
Lars you can drop the bar if you have the hi-temp plates.
If you use plywood plates you will break them if you drop them .
But 20-30 kg should be ok to control if you are 92kg.

At 40kg you can use the bumper plates and drop the bar.

Lars one more thing , where do you live ?
The reason Im asking is that if it is outside the U.S the shipping will not be free .

I live in Norway and I will take care of the shipping myself from an address in U.S with sea freight. Itís slow but cheap.

I should really like to have a couch, but that is no option where I live and in my family situation. I plan top pick up Greg Everettís book and hope it will get me started. Iím just waiting for the second edition to appear at amazon.
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