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September 5, 2009

1. Warmup
CA Standard WU
jump rope - 1 minute
x band walk - 10
band dislocates - 5, 5
band press - 10
levator scapula stretch - 0:20L/R

2. Energy
KB snatch - ladder up from 1 to 6 and back down, switching hands between but not letting the KB down at all - 36 reps total L/R - 24kg KB

3 minutes rest

1H swing - ladder down 10-9-8-7 no rest between 31 reps total L/R - 24kg KB
rest 3 minutes
1H swing - ladder up 1-2-3-4-5 no rest between 30 reps total L/R - 24kg KB

around the world - 24kg KB x 15CL/CCL
figure 8 + uppercut - 24kg x 10 total
waiter walk - 12kg KB - ~100m's L/R
rack hold walk - 24kg KB ~100m's L/R

-KB Snatch - very happy with this, I haven't done many of these and I managed pretty well. grip was starting to go by the set of 6, so I went back down
-1H swing - grip was dead after 7
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