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from my understanding there are some theories that an agricultural lifestyle was originally adapted only because grains elicited an opiate-like response. Of course, they were forced to come up with ways to consume other starchy products, like fermenting soy and soaking said grains for several days....but that still doesn't change the fact that, as a whole, agriculture created societies that were incredibly sick compared to previous ones. w/fs

Article is about why humans adapted, and then stuck with agriculture. Hint: it is not because they were healthier for it.

Where does this inference come from that starches are healthier than fatty meats?

And back to the Tarahumara....from the studies that I posted, it is debatable that they are healthy. Heart murmurs from running, signs of malnourishment....are these really ideal states? How are we defining "healthy"? As the ability to run 100 miles at a clip? If that is the case........

btw, getting access to that article in a second from my school's server
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