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John Filippini
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Clean+Jerk: (3+3)x55, (2+2)x65, (2+2)x75, (2+2)x86, 2x(2+1)x91, (2+f)x91, 2x(1+1)x96
Clean Pull: 4x75, 4x86, 3x96, 3x3x107
Back Squat: 5x100, 4x116, 3x132, 3x2x150
BTN Push Press: 5x50, 4x65, 3x80, 1x90(f2), 2x2x85


1 - Been a while since I've done back squats that heavy, but they felt really good.

2 - Coach said to work my push presses off 10kg over my snatch. That didn't work. I think 90kg is a legit max for that exercise.
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