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Originally Posted by Derek Simonds View Post
John I tried Farmers Walks with 85 LB DB's and the gripz. No can do. I can pick them up and hold them but no way I can make 50 M's right now. I used 65 Lb'ers and made 50 M's set them down took 3 breathes and picked them back up for the return trip. That was plenty good today. I will work up from there.
Same here. I haven't tried to take the 85s anywhere in with these on b/c I am in an apt and a drop would be bad. Just lifting them with the "gripz" is solid work.
Threw the gripz on some dumbells at the end of a squat/RDL/pushpress workout this week. 3 sets of 8 hammer curls and was aching by the end - with 20lb dbs. Practice/development needed here....
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