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John Filippini
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Power Snatch (HB): 4x40, 3x50, 4x2x55
Power Clean (HB): 3x45, 3x55, 4x2x65


1 - Light day to work on speed.

2 - Lifting at 8am blows.

Snatch: 4x45, 3x52, 3x61, 2x70, 2x75, 1x75(f2), 80(f), 80(f)
Snatch Pull: 3x80, 2x3x95
OHS: 4x55, 3x65, 2x75, 2x80, 7x85(f8)


1 - Snatches blew today.

2 - Snatch pulls were slow.

3 - Overhead squats were the only enjoyable part of this workout. Was feeling really good with them, so I impulsively decided to attempt the 15 rep BW OHS challenge. Made it through seven reps before everything past my elbows went numb and I decided to dump the weight. Then proceeded to laugh at myself for a long period of time. Good fun.
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