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Originally Posted by Paul Epstein View Post
Reading an old fish oil thread on this forum there was a quote about the paleo evolution of man as a scavanger who ate a great portion of brain and bone marrow from carrion carcasses which was a great source of omega-3s.

This interests me greatly because the more omega-3s i can get from real food the better. From both an enjoyability point of view (brains and marrow taste great) and from a sustainability issue.

However since reading that my google skills have been lacking. Can someone please confirm that brain and marrow are great sources of Omega-3s, and if so what types?

The quote i read stated something like 75% of brain was fat and 75% of that fat was omega-3s. Some quick maths suggest you wouldnt require to eat huge volumes of brain and marrow to get your fix.

While we are at it, can anyone think of any other rich land based sources of DHA and EPA?
Personally I wouldn't eat brains due to the risk of prion diseases. I mean it's only a couple of years ago that a large percentage of the UK's dairy herd had to be culled to prevent the spread of BSE and nobody seems to know yet just how many people were infected before the risk was identified.
Anyway you only really need a couple of grams of omega-3 EFA's per day so it isn't something you need to be too concerned about if you're eating oily fish a couple of times per week.
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