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Originally Posted by george nesrallah View Post (wfs) Just be careful as the first page a ic of a morbidly obese 'person' on the front. Just mentioning it in case this makes it not wfs.

Anyway, it sounds like a pretty good program to me. Endorsed by Elitefts, which is good. Anyway, anyone ever do this, or have any opinions on it?

I've done a similar split and found it very dificult to moderate food intake. It's a fine way to arrange your training, maybe not as intuitive as the "westside for skinny bastards" thing but certainly workable. But for weight loss? I doubt it.

My primary goal is to not have my strength go down while dieting so what has worked for me is 3 days a week max of gym lifting with moderate to low volume and moderate weights not too high, no gut busters doubles or triples. it's not a time to shoot for squat PR's.

Maint. cals on lifting days and about 500 to 1000 calories below maintenence on nonlifting days and lots of low intensity cardio e.g. walking with a vest, cycling easy, jogging etc. zero intervals, zero "metcon" etc.
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