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Originally Posted by Frank Needham View Post
Dave, are you doing what you describe now or is this something you've done in the past? Not sure from the way its worded. What kind of results are/have you seen?

Both. Right now I'm looking to get to around 205-210 so I can compete in the below 200 SM and 198 PL.

I'm generally a voracious pig when pushing towards a strength goal so I've had to periodically cut down. this is pretty much exactly what i'm doing now but a much more moderate approach WRT calories, I take one sometimes two days totally off each week and stay within about 500 kcal of maint. calories on non-training days basal metabolic rate for me is around 3000 kcal .

since july i'm down about 12 pounds, with about 8 to's around a pound a week steadily. if I didn't drink beer on the weekends I'd probably be good for about 1.5 pounds a week. took a huge drop in strength right off the bat but have hit a few weird PR's in competition in the last month.
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