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I would say find the workout schedule and protocol that fits your life, schedule, energy demands, recovery days, etc. No need to do too much if in the end all you end up doing is getting burned out and then sit on the couch and eat Cheetos all day. (Mmmmmm Cheetos...) Anyways...address the areas you want to work on and fun usually comes with any progress you see. Pick exercises and reps...make your own circuit and go through for time. Go to the 400 meters and everytime you do a lap have another circuit to do..pushups, situps, burpees....whatever. It's not rocket have some fun with it.

You could also have your days by workout goals....metabolic days with all bodyweight.....heavy lifting days.....whatever you want to work on. Then schedule it however you need to....such as 2 on, 1 off...or Mon-Wed-Fri Lifting, Sat metabolic....the key to health is doing enough stimulus to result in a positive effect on the body without overtraining yourself and creating excess damage and little recovery to the body.

Just be that is the key factor in determining long term results.
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