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John Filippini
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Power Snatch (HB): 4x40, 3x45, 3x52, 3x60, 2x2x65
Power Clean + Jerk (HB): 3x45, 3x55, 3x63, 2x72, 2x2x77

Snatch: 4x44, 3x52, 3x61, 3x70, 1x75(f2), 2x75
Snatch Pull: 4x61, 4x70, 3x78, 3x87, 3x2x91
Front Squat: 5x80, 4x92, 3x106, 2x120, 2x2x125


1 - First workout went well, though I'm still trying to get myself not to pull back on my snatches from the blocks.

2 - Apparently that's the point, as working on that from the blocks has massively improved my layback in my full snatches. Not that it really means much, but 70kg is a PR triple, which means greater consistency, which is a big problem of mine.

3 - Front squat doubles at 95% went well, I think I can expect to see some sizable PR's in FS coming up.
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