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John Filippini
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Clean: 3x55, 3x65, 2x75, 2x86, 2x2x91
Clean Pull: 4x75, 4x86, 4x96, 3x107, 3x2x112
OHS: 4x55, 3x65, 2x75, 1x85(f2), 1x85(f2), 1x85(f2)


1 - Both cleans and clean pulls felt really good today. Pretty much zero jumping back. Focused on using my hips to push through my shoulders. Seemed to work well at getting me to pull straight up.

2 - Overhead squats were a different story however. I was supposed to be testing doubles today. But I couldn't even hit a double at 85kg, which I managed to hit for 7 reps on Saturday. Fail.
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