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I wrote out a long argument, but on second thought, Louie's plan doesn't sound too bad for Strongman. Since Strongman is highly lactic, it's more limited by strength than anything else. I'm sure the GPP and Strongman accessories is where a lot of conditioning comes into play.

In general though, maximal strength doesn't exactly carry over to endurance. You may be able to do 20 pullups or so from having a lot of pulling maximal strength, but you won't have the aerobic capacity or power to buffer lactate accumulation. With the same maximal strength, if you did some endurance training, you'd be able to do 30+ pullups. That's not taking into account increased recovery ability after one set.

Plus, looking at it from the size principle, with ME method, only the highest threshold fibers are fatigued. With the Repeated Effort or just higher reps in general, more fibers are fatigued. The ME method just doesn't fatigue enough fibers to help much with endurance. However, it depends on the weight, whether it's more beneficial working on strength endurance or maximal strength. If you're deadlifting 400 lbs for reps, and your max deadlift is 750 or so, then it may be more beneficial to work on strength endurance. For Louie's example of deadlifting 700 lbs for reps with a max of 800, that's 87.5% of your 1-RM. No need for strength endurance there.

For most other sports outside of Strongman, however, getting stronger to have more endurance is usually not the smartest approach, unless you're thinking long term. Conditioning for a more general fitness sport requires cardiac, vascular, and muscular adaptations that aren't really addressed by maximal strength work.
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