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I found the Chad Coy article, a good read. I've used ME work for my strongman with success before (log, axle DL), but modifying the reps, not the movement each week.

I've never done rep work after ME-type lifting, but I can see the benefits, especially with strongman where as has been said, ME may mean weight, distance, or reps. I may consider trying something along the lines of cycling through varying deadlift movements each week, but keeping the volume work after as bar deadlifts off the floor, making sure I'm keeping progress with the deadlift. Could even try the 5/3/1 format as Dave suggested.

Something like:

Week 1: 18" Deadlift w/ straps to 3RM, then bar DL from floor for volume
Week 2: 15" Axle for Reps , """
Week 3: 1Rm Axle from Floor, """

I'm a weak presser, I don't know if I could get enough volume into one workout to make progress. Right now, I'm Benching 5x5, Strict 5x3, Axle Push Press 5x5, and Log Push Jerk 3x2, every week on different days. Writing it down, sounds ridiculous, but I'm making progress... I could knock it down to 2 days, bench/floor/strict press one day, Log or axle the other, combining ME + volume work.
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