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was just talking about this last night. a couple of us are training for a contest that has an 18" DL max reps in 60 sec event in October. by way of background, the weights at this event are really light, 550 for HW, 500 for MW and 425# for me. so it's critical to stay on a nice even pace and move methodically for the whole 60 seconds and don't give away reps by failing to wait for the down command.

what we decided on is over the next three weeks we'll work up to a heavy but not gut buster single and then hit max reps in 30 seconds, 45 seconds and then 60 seconds Since i get a lot out of going over contest weight, I'm training the HW #'s

it went like this.
315x5 overhand grip no belt
405x3 overhand grip no belt
500x2 mixed grip no belt
585x1 mixed grip belt
635x1, mixed grip belt

then straps 550 x 8 in 30 seconds.

this was exactly enough work it seemed like. we had done a little stone and front squats before so we hit some safety squats to a low box and called it good. perfect volume for me.
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