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Default My IF Program

Hi guys,

Have been trying IF for a while now under Hofmekler's Warrior Diet program. Been on and off IF, but do notice that on IF days I feel light and energetic. However, sometimes I become too excited and anxious. Also, as I tend to do a lot of mental work, I encounter mental blocks about once every 2 hours, which are remedied by a piece of fruit or some fresh juice.

I'd like to solicit comments on my IF program:

IF 5 days (Mon-Fri), Sat-Sun is anything goes

On IF days

0000H - 1800H
0 calorie drinks (tea w/o sugar, plenty of water)
light salads
fruit/vegetable juices (especially when I start to feel mentally sluggish)
fresh fruit

1800H - 0000H
Pig out on healthy food

Is it possible to extend this to the entire week? I do my hobbies on weekends as well and would love to have the energy and mental clarity that IF gives.

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