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Originally Posted by Donald Lee View Post

But I did get trained a bit by LW Strongman Scott Brengel back around April.
Bringin up the base is in reality way more important that strenght endurance. you can develop endurance while doing spefic contest prep, it takes average guys many months and often year to work from a 500 DL to a 600 DL, much longer for even talented guys to develop a 700 DL which is the bottom end of what it takes to be truly competitive at a national level.

If you quickly survey the top weights in a number of LW and MW contest medleys, the idea of training for strength endurance quickly fades. ferexample..

C&P Medley Log 250, Axle 240, Keg 230, Atlas stone 220.

Yes these are light but if you can't totally manhandle all the implements including the 200 pound stone and the 220 keg, forget finishing the medley. the log and axle are easy warm up weights in this context.
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