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Originally Posted by Jacob Rowell View Post
I was going to get into that earlier, but well, didn't.

Last contest, I tripled my performance on a rep event in 6 weeks. Deadlifted 400# axle for 5 reps at 6 weeks, and 15 in contest (though I missed 2 reps because of the down signal, like a chump). I think it's just a matter of time it takes to improve absolute strength in an advanced lifter vs strength endurance.

Big number you're throwing around Dave. Hell, I'm shooting for 600 DL and 500 BS @ 200 bodyweight as lifetime goals at the moment. Then again, these kind of numbers do seem to be common over at Marunde Muscle and p&b. Something to be motivated by.
The numbers in my example are aspirational for me as well. I can pull ok but the press medley above is a crusher for little lightweights like me...the guys cutting from 240-250 with 400 pound raw benches are finishing those.

That's nice work on the axle! at my first contest I think I hit maybe 11 reps with 365 in training, in the event I hit 17 easy, if I could have used straps I think I would have simply run out of time hitting one every 2 seconds it was crazy. game day changes a lot of things, good and bad.

Hey, do you ever try any throwing events like highland games? a tall guy like yourself might do well in Highlander. I'm terrible at it but the contests are really fun, very laid back and civilized...they even break for lunch. the weights tend to be kind of light though.
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