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Originally Posted by garrett stack View Post
I had a friend who worked in a dairy queen , he used to tell me about Samoan guys coming in and downing quarts of half + half and orange juice , maybe they were on to something

You know, that's funny. I once visited Hawaii with a friend who was half Samoan. We enjoyed a "lunch" at their home which seemed to consist of approximately three pigs, a cow, and the entire pineapple section of the produce section of the grocery store. When I was about to push away after stuffing myself to the gills my friend caught my arm and whispered that I should keep eating. Turns out they get offended when skinny fuckers like myself tap out on food before they do.

Maybe Rippetoe should revise his nutrition information to include mass gain via the hanging-out-with-samoans diet in his next SS update!
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