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Default Nutrition/IF plan — advice?

Hi Everyone,

I'm a newcomer to these boards and a very novice Crossfitter from the East Bay, CA. After moving back home from Santa Cruz (where I had been taking classes at CF Santa Cruz for a couple months), I hope to join Crossfit Oakland as soon as possible.

My eating habits right now are haphazard and undisciplined. My major goal right now is to get my nutrition dialed — to go 100% paleo and gain an intuitive sense for correct zone proportions and meal timing. In order to succeed at Crossfit Oakland I know I'm going to have to get nutrition right. Plus I have skin issues I want to resolve and I have WAY less energy—mental and physical—than a person my age should have.

I'm 19 years old, male, 5'10-11, 158 lbs. I'm not sure what my body fat percentage is—I don't have body composition "problems" (i.e. I'm not fat), but I do have fat that I'd like to replace with lean muscle. Athletically I'm looking for better met-con performance and coordination—obviously I want to get stronger but I'm definitely not looking to bulk up. Essentially, I'm starting at the base of the Crossfit Pyramid.

Hence I come to these boards in the hope that I can get some advice about my tentative nutrition plans. I realize that without detailed information about my current athletic performance, body fat percentages, blood profile, etc..., it might be difficult if not impossible to give recommendations at this level of detail.

I also realize that it might be a little brazen for a total newbie like me to join these boards and immediately start asking for lifestyle advice. If it's inappropriate let me know. But I've come to the point where I really have to effect a 180 degree change in my health and fitness and to feel confident, I really need some outside input about whether I'm headed in the right direction.

So after much research here is my initial, 'idealized' game plan, which I would hopefully stick to as closely as possible:

Wake ~8am
Workout ~9am
Breakfast ~10am: 4P, 4C, 0F
Snack ~12pm: 1P, 1C, 4F
Lunch ~2pm: 4P, 3C, 5F
Snack ~4pm: 1P, 1C, 4F
Dinner ~6pm: 4P, 3C, 5F

Daily totals: 14 blks protein, 12 blks carb, 18 blks fat

This would represent 16 hrs of intermittent fasting per 24.

I'd aim to get to bed by 12:00 for ~8 hrs of sleep per night.

I would take 4 1000 mg fish oil caps w/ breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a total of 3600 mg equivalent of omega-3. I am also thinking about taking some amount of chromium to fight carb cravings (has this helped others?).

I'm deeply grateful for whatever advice people can give me about where to go from here. It doesn't necessarily have to relate directly to the specific plan listed above. And if people require more information to make judgments, I would be happy to provide further details if possible.

Thanks in advance,

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