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Great Question! If you asked me this question a year ago I would have said eating fewer, larger meals was a bad idea. Now…I’m not convinced of that at all. We have emails from people doing as much as 8 blocks in a sitting at 3x fat! I’m honestly not sure if it is the best thing in the world but by all indications these people are leaner and are gaining muscle, strength and performance. Keep in mind that if one is in a highly anabolic state and NOT insulin resistant one will get a “nice” nutrient partitioning effect. We see this in people who have very good hormonal response to exercise and food and also in those using anabolics. Intermittent fasting increases ones “anabolic index” by optimizing both insulin sensitivity and the hGH/IGF-1/testosterone axes. Bottom line intermittent fasting, or any dietary protocol for that matter, should be delivering what you want: improved body composition, performance and health. We have some good quantifiers for all of those and if they are in place as a consequence of nutrition, exercise and lifestyle the longevity piece may be happening as well.

Regarding the too much protein in one sitting. If you think about a 300lb Magnus Samuelson (Worlds Strongest Man competitor) he is certainly absorbing MUCH more than the theoretical limit of 50g per meal. Loren Cordain’s work certainly indicates a single large meal for our Paleolithic ancestors and it appears they were sometimes eating several pounds of meat in a single sitting. Heresy I know when viewed through the perspective of either the Food Pyramid Scheme or modern bodybuilding practices but more and more data seems to support this pattern of intermittent fasting. Critically evaluate the results! Look in the mirror, get your body-fat tested, gauge your performance and get some blood work. The more quantifiers you use to track your experiment the more faith you can put in the veracity of your results.
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