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Originally Posted by Kevin Perry View Post
In fact I wouldn't even worry about fasting until you know how to eat right and I would not even worry about how many times a day to eat, just eat when your hungry. No point in starving yourself and at 5'11 158lbs I think you really should not be worrying about fasting and leaning out unless you really want to look like the next anorexic games competitor.

So, eat real food, pick heavy shit up, keep the metcons shortish and you'll be good.
Word. Food quality first, before messing around with IF.

And if you are a beginner, you are in the magical land where body comp takes care of yourself on a decent progressive weight training. Check with CFO on getting you on something more strength oriented -- they are good people. I think they went to a more MEBB-oriented approach recently. Although personally, given your situation, I'd go with SS and add in strength-biased metcons as finishers.

And welcome to Oakland!
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