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Default Rice bucket forearm rehab? Mr. Low?

OK, so I've got some forearm splints from all the fun training I've been doing. I've heard several folks (Steve Low and BlairBob) talk about a rice bucket for forearm exercises to rehab this problem. I have several simple questions.
  1. Are we talking the standard 5-gallon plastic "paint" bucket?
  2. Approximately how many pounds of rice are needed, or to put it another way, how full do I make the bucket?
  3. Steven, I saw you recommending wrist circles in the rice on a CF thread, 1set x 50reps or 2 x 25, keeping the elbow still. Is the fist closed on these, or are the fingers open & spread apart? Or are both good to do?
  4. Best to do before or after training?
  5. Tucson is pretty dry anyway, but are there any precautions to take to care for the rice, mold/damp-wise? Does this need to stay in the house, or should it be okay sitting in my garage?
I have ditched all exercises that seem to aggravate the area (anything on parallettes/p-bars that is handstand or planche related) except for my 3-5 sets of strict curls per week as prep for my upcoming PL meet (100% RAW PL also does a strict curl competition as part of their meets). Also doing some cold laser to speed the healing.

It is already improving with the removal of most of the offending exercises, I definitely know that as I progress in difficulty with the gymnastics moves that this could become a chronic issue without proper rehab now and prehab later, hence my interest in doing it right the first time.

The strict curls will leave my routine as soon as the meet is over in mid-October.
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