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Originally Posted by Kelly Frankson View Post
I will take a tin of wild alaska salmon and mix it with 1/2 a mashed avacado, a tblsp or 2 of salsa and wrap it in lettuce. delicious!
I ate that today sans lettuce wraps and it was great! Thanks for the recommendation. Here is the Macro breakdown from fitday. I loved the fat and protein content.

Avocado, raw 243 Calories 22.3 G/F 13.0 G/C 3.0 G/P
Salmon, canned 205 Calories 8.9 G/F 0.0 G/C 29.2 G/P
Salsa 9 Calories 0.1 G/F 2.0 G/C 0.5 G/P
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