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i tried to reply a week ago, but for some reason it didn't go up. just noticed it

i've been playing with it a little now. i like the fact that you're taking advantage of guys who do a huge forward lean. unless they're looking to jump guard, i hate when dudes do that cause i feel that they're just stalling.

i never really thought tai otoshi could work no gi. i've been trying it now and i still can't really hit it. what's been working really well though is that i threaten it, and the guy then tips his weight backwards. i then hook my right leg around his knee, pressure my chest to push his face (kinda like a crossface), and come around for an osoto gari/osoto otoshi. i've watched a marc verillotte dvd where he goes from osoto gari to harai goshi. even though this makes a lot of sense, i never had much success with it. the tai otoshi to osoto gari is kinda the reverse, and it's working well.
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