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Originally Posted by Troy Kerr View Post
I would suggest throwing in some overhead pressing to balance out the shoulder strength. The planche is basically a 'super' bench press. The bench press hits the anterior portion of the shoulder. Mark Rippetoes starting strength book suggest balancing bench pressing & overhead pressing every other workout to avoid strength imbalances..i.e shoulder pain.
I follow this approach with my gymnastics training and have experiancedlittle to no shoulder pain. Hope this helps.
Recently, I tried supersetting back lever work with ring dips, which turned into a total disaster. My chest and anterior deltoids would get overworked. Whenever I overwork the shoulders through shoulder presses, dips, etc., my anterior deltoid areas seem to become irritated. I'm thinking that it's either an issue with a lack of ROM in internal rotation or a lack of flexibility in the German hang position. I have been doing a lot of stretching of the shoulders, but I'm holding off on the German hang-type stretch until I get adequate internal rotation. There's just not enough time for all these stretches.

Anyways, I don't have any pain from training the planche anymore. I'm pretty sure the previous problems came from the Bulgarian dips.

BTW. I try to balance out the anterior shoulder work with stuff like rows and back lever. I think the anterior shoulder pain is just flexibility-related.
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