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Originally Posted by Blair Lowe View Post
I don't have my GB materials handy, but wouldn't it make sense to just take a step back from the bulgarian dips. I can't remember what was before them. Maybe it was just a ring dip or some other russian, korean, etc dip. I can't even remember if bulgarian dips were after or before regular ring dips.

typically, I'll pair dipping(it rotates overhead, horizontal and dipping though i guess dipping is somewhere between) with planche work which is before the BL and with ample rest so it's all good.
I think ring dips came right before bulgarian dips. I didn't do the parallel bar korean dips or any of that other parallel bar stuff, but I probably should have just to get used to the extreme ROM. Weighted parallel bar dips don't seem to give me much problems, but sometimes weighted ring dips do cause some shoulder irritation.

I may have to start stretching in the German hang position. My internal rotation in my left shoulder is pretty good now, but my right shoulder is very stiff for some reason. For that German hang stretch, whether on the rings or just on the ground, do you guys do it with hands in different positions?
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