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Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
You want support grip type work. Farmers walks or that or anything similar is going to help significantly.
I understand that it is a support type grip, but I find that with much grip work, the best way i can stimulate hand strength for that type of feat is to make the grip harder in that feet (that probably sounds confusing).

for example, i've played drums for a long time, and i find that most other grip work doesn't really help me with drumming. it's more about finding proper grip technique and drilling your hands to always use the proper technique. that way if you have to do blast beats or something, you're hands don't die in 5 seconds.

furthermore with grappling, i find that getting a strong grip on the gi just has to do with how you cock your wrist and how you rotate the material.

i find that anytime i focus on just squeezing in any hand based activity, my hands will die pretty quickly. i have done heavy farmers walks and other work, and i think that they are good for blasting your forearms and grip. the problem is that these things don't teach me the minute technical details to how to grab a ring. i can do muscle ups and show other people how to false grip to an extent, but just from my experience things like drumming and grappling, i know that my concepts of false ring gripping are probably way below what elite gymnasts know.

in essence i was wondering if increasing the difficulty of gripping in the specific task i actually desired it for would be beneficial.
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