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I have had the luxury of having trained with and around Phil Pfister and Brian Siders for the past six or seven years.

Brian is not from this planet. When he's getting ready for a strongman event, He does "gym workouts" four days a week and "strongman workouts" two days a week. Those gym workouts are squats, benches, overhead work, and deads. In those 4 days he'll bench twice, squat twice and pull once. On the "strongman days" it's whatever he wants to do - axle, farmers, stones, etc. The volume on all and the weights moved are just unreal. I once watched him do 455 for 10 sets of 3 on his "light becn day." When I remarked he stated, "it's only 55 or 60%." He was right and how he stays injury free and completely life time drug free is unreal. Granted he's only competed in the Arnold STrongman the past five years and the WSM last year, but still, it's amaxing. Oh, and on his "regular powerlifting training" he'll train six days a week. The volume and weight moved, again, is unreal.

Phil is lot more human or rationale in his training. He does two days a week of gym work on average - normally Tuesday and Wednesday - or Tuesday and Thursday. Squats, pulls, and overheads. Or, as he likes to call it, "knee bendin', bar liftin', and bar pressin'" Then on the weekends, he and a bunch of other guys do two days of event work - normally the same format as a contest - 3 events one day, 4 events the next, or whatever. The last four weeks before the contests, he ditches the days of gym work for two more additional days of event work with one dead or one squat workout mixed in before the event training session. Nick Osbourne has had Phill's gym work very unusual the past few years. But I loved doing it with him because it had a lot of carryover for my silly lumberjack stuff.

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