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Default 200g of Protein from meat?

Hi all. My weightlifting coach has given me a target of about 200g of protein per day (based on target body weight of 100kg, 220lb).

To get my quota in i have been eating quite a lot of Kangaroo meat - its very lean (~1000g contains 200g protein - 11g fat) and is game meat so has a natural diet. To get enough in i have been eating around 1.5lb of it a day and making the other 0.5lb up with chicken, fish and beef.

Ive read various articles on the health impacts of eating too much red meat (ive read you should eat less than 100g which frankly is unacheivable for me). Kangaroo is preferable over chicken and fish because its cheap (~$2.50/lb) and very lean. Chicken and fish will cost me far more to acheive the same protein intake.

Or should i give up on the Paleo aproach and start downing Whey shakes?
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