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Default Brian's strength log

Started a strength program on Monday, so I thought I'd log it here. Open to any criticism / suggestions as this goes on. Starting with an SS MWF only program right now, with maybe some metcon on Saturdays if I'm feelin' froggy. There will be some trial and error with food, as well as any extra work I can tolerate as I build up tolerance for the program.

Height: 6'3"
Weight: About 220 (heavier than I normally am)
Don't really know 1RM's, but these are 5RM's going in, with the disclaimer that I haven't done some lifts for a while because I've been doing a lot of aerobic training for a half marathon.

Squat: 170
Bench: 155
Press: 115
DL: 215
Clean: Have to work on this. Right now I've only been doing hang cleans to get used to the movement.

Not doing GOMAD or anything like that, particularly since I have somewhat high BF compared to where I usually am. I'll probably be looking to eat roughly 3500 cal/day, and will tweak based on results under the bar.

Ongoing PR's
Edit: Going to be keeping PR's tracked in this first post. Will try to keep updated and add dates as I get them. This is for major lifts:

Front Squat: 235x5 (5/21/11)
Decline BP: 255x5 (5/19/11)
DB Snatch: 110x5
DB Rows: 130x9 (5/23/11)
Press: 160x5 (5/23/11), 175x1 (5/23/11)
Deadlift: 425x5 (5/24/11),
BP: 215x5 (4/25/11), 225x2 (4/25/11)

Currently not doing Back Squat due to shoulder issues. I am also not documenting accessory lifts beyond what is here for now.
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