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It depends on what your goal is.

If you are primarily looking to increase strength, you will probably need to up your protein even higher than 200grams.

If you are looking at leaning down, then roo meat at the 100grams probably isnt a bad idea.

One thing you want to be careful of though, is eating one source in large quantities for a sustained period of time as you can develop sensitivities to it (yes it is possible to develop sensitivities to animal protein sources). So I would definitely varry it up every once in a while. If you are looking for cheap ideas, get tinned tuna packed in water and mix it with half an avacado, a diced tomatoe, some chives and wrap it in a big lettuce leaf!

And as far as the whey protein goes, real food is always going to be better, but it does have the convenience factor to it and makes it easy to up the grams. Although not completely paleo, I would just get plain/natural whey and flavor it yourself with some berries/almond butter/avacadoes...
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