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Thanks everyone for your replies.
We have noticed that a slight belly has appeared in recent times and we are trying to curb his eating beacause he does like his grub. I would'nt say his is overweight but when compared to his mates and teammates he is larger.
Obvoiusly this does not help especially as he's a bulky boy anyway.
Hopefully this natural bulk will result into an overall strong physique but you never know how they are going to grow.
Jake I was interested by one of your comments. Can you really transform your speed, can you go from slow-medium to fast-medium or even fast. When I see speed it always seems to me you are at the mercy of nature, you are either fast or not. Or can you train yourself to be fast and if not fast can training vastly improve your speed?
He plays sport almost every day so he's very active. He is also doing Tennis and maybe Rugby soon.
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