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Thanks for the responses, guys...

I guess it was a bit silly to try to aim for that level of precision right off the bat.

I suppose I'll just start with basics and tinker with the details later on:
  • a smidge of protein & carbs 30-45 mins pre-workout to get hormonally primed (like Barry Sears suggested in that long filmed lecture on CFJ recently);
  • a balanced carb/lean protein meal PWO;
  • PFC meals throughout the rest of the day consisting of lots of green veggies, a palm-sized helping of lean meat or seafood, and some nuts.

HOWEVER this still leaves open the question of the proper total amounts. Based on the the stats I described in my opening to the thread, do people have any advice for appropriate rough daily block counts of prot/fat/carbs?

Also, I'm having some trouble wading through all the different information on PWO nutrition. Robb Wolf has suggested salmon and sweet potatoes and advised against fruit and shakes, but also said he used shakes in his July 1st blog post ("high carb vs. low carb"). And what about PWO block counts? I guess this meal is the main one I feel compulsive about getting right.

Perhaps I should think about getting tested for things like insulin sensitivity and so forth in order to be able to make better judgments about my nutrition (any thoughts?). I have a tendency to make things way more complicated than they need to be... so with an issue like the synchronization of nutrition and training for a beginning athlete—which is actually pretty complicated—my head is close to exploding and so I come here for advice. Again, thanks for the previous replies & thanks in advance for future ones!
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