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Originally Posted by Michael Korczowski View Post
Also, I'm having some trouble wading through all the different information on PWO nutrition. Robb Wolf has suggested salmon and sweet potatoes and advised against fruit and shakes, but also said he used shakes in his July 1st blog post ("high carb vs. low carb"). And what about PWO block counts? I guess this meal is the main one I feel compulsive about getting right.
Don't get paralysis by analysis.....pwo stick to real foods and you'll be fine. I'm guessing his "shakes" are like real foods in a blender like milk/fruit/etc.....not the prepackaged shakes out there loaded with sugar. Don't worry about insulin sensitivity testing....unless you are ripped and eating donuts all day, you have issues like the rest of us. Stick to whole foods, eat more real foods, stay away from all the processed sugars/carbs and it all works out.

Stop sweating the one "right way" or the perfect ratios...when there could be 10 different ways that can work for you. But they all start with real foods.
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