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Brian Stone
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Rested on the weekend.

Mon Oct 5
Warm-up and prelim sets on all exercises in the same style as previous.

Squat: 190x5x2, 195x5, 195x4
backoff: 135x5

Bench Press: 180x4, 175x4, 165x4
I had slight soreness still from last workout but really killed myself on first set, which ruined the follow-ups. I suspect getting overzealous last time w/ the 175's was too big a jump. Going to drop back to 165x5x3 for next BP workout to make sure I have a sustainable progression.

Chins: 6-5-3

Bench frustrated me but good progress with the squat. I need to work on form, though, so will ensure I do backoff work as often as possible there.
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