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Default Derek's Mass Gain Manifesto and Milestone Log

Day One! There I was in the jungle naked and covered in motor oil and through the distance I could hear the natives drums and they were restless.

Actually day one went really well other than I feel like a stuffed pig from all the eating. Here are my vital stats for benchmarking

36 YOM, 6' 1", 185.5 LB's, Orangutan Arms with a 79" wing spread
BF % from an Ironman scale is 8.6% on athletic and 16.1% on normal person. I know that they are both wrong. My best WAG is around 12% I can see my abs but they are not standing out looking ripped and the only area on my entire body with any extra fat is right on my belly.

I am doing the mass gain program from the Performance Menu. The food is a combination of several things but mainly large amounts of clean food with a low carb leaning on off days. I try to stay close to Paleo but usually don't quite make it. I will weigh in once a week and keep the log updated to see how things work.

5:30 1/2 Trioplex Bar, Propel
8:00 3 eggs scrambled, slice of ham, 1 wheat and nut pancake
10:00 other 1/2 Trioplex Bar
12:00 4 oz lean turkey, 4 oz lo fat cottage cheese, 4 oz watermelon, 2 oz egg salad
3:00 ABB Blue Thunder RTD
6:00 1/2 BCAA
6:50 1/2 BCAA
6:50 Cell Mass Creatine
7:00 16 boiled shrimp, 4 oz rice, big salad, 2 oz green peas

6 x 6 FS 90 LB's no problem felt good worked form not light but easily do-able
6 X 6 Press 70 LB's same as above really worked shoulder activation
6, 6, 6, 3, 3, 4 Chins a lot harder than the above could have done more sets 4 and 5
AB Circuit with S/U GHD, BE, Knees to Elbow and PU 10 minutes I was sweating hard at the end. Everything felt good nothing was tight no worries.
What we think, or what we know, or what we believe, is in the end, of little consequence. The only thing of consequence is what we do. -John Ruskin
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