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October 6, 2009

Early AM:
1. Warmup
foam roll - 10 minutes
Core Performance WU - 5 minutes

2. Energy
Run - 3 x 2min fast/1min slow - Total 1.2 miles

scap pushup - 12
levator scapula stretch - 0:20L/R
chest stretches - 2 x 0:10

100m strides x 4 (at the top of the minute)
rest 9 minutes

2 rounds:
300m shuttle run (25m length) every 2:30
Time:1:42, 2:08

-I'm surprised I go 1.2 miles on the intervals, happy with a 7:30/mile average
-Strides - I was getting between middle 14 and middle 16 today, pretty hard
-Shuttle run - Now this smoked the heck out of me, I was dragging ass before I finished the first run, then the 2nd was more like a jog.

lat stretching

35 minute walk with Laurie and Connor
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