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Anton Emery
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Cool. Lets see. The usual weekly schedule is this

Sunday - BJJ open mat. 2 hrs, usually pretty intense rolling
Monday - Olifting
Tues - BJJ - class, mostly technique, prob 15-30 minutes of rolling at the end.
Wed - Olifting
Thurs - BJJ - class, intensity varies, usually more technique than all out rolling.
Friday off
Sat - Olifting

Thats about it. So only one off day a week. I guess another consideration is space it out over more than a 7 day period, and not necessarily get 3 bjj and olfiting workouts in each 7 days.

The olifting workouts are usually as such.

5 x 2 snatch and clean and jerk. Weight is light at the moment, planning to progress linearly as technique becomes more consistent. I read that Glenn Pendlay suggested this as a way to coach teen lifters, seemed like a simple place to start.
3 x 3 heavy back squat(monday), push press(Wed), or front squat(sat)
3 sets of chins not quite to failure. i will alternate these with weighted chins from week to week.
posterior chain movement such as GHD, natural glute ham raise, or reverse hyper.

As far as coaching i have been getting help from the various coaches at Crossfit portland. One of them is a nationally ranked Olifter, i believe. We lift at the same time, and she will give me advice and help fix things.

I realize at this point the olifts are light, and are more technical practice than anything else.

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