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One rest day a week? Unless you are a freak or some of these rolling sessions are super easy, you won't recover and won't progress. I would rest Wednesday, and then on the two lifting days, have one be Oly and one slow lifts. As in:

One lifting day:
Light oly technique work as required
Snatch singles up to heaviest for the day, take 15% off the bar and do a few more singles
C&J singles up to heaviest for the day, take 15% off the bar and do a few more singles

The other lifting day:
Squat (alternate front and back?) 5x5
Push Press 5x5
Assistance exercises

This is basically the beginner program from Greg's book, but only two days a week instead of 4, and I trust him to know how to put together a lifting day. It's got all the basics covered in terms of movements and the dedicated oly day means that you have a chance to really get in there, get your mind in the zone, and work on nothing but oly. That kind of thing works for me, at least, and I like that it prepares you for a meet where you have to snatch and C&J in the same day, something people who split them up too much often aren't ready for. If you did want to split them up, I would go Snatch+Squat+Pullups and C&J+Push Press+posterior chain assistance

If you really wanted to lift three days a week, you might be able to fit in a set or three the same day as one of the easy rolling sessions. I don't know if you would have access to a barbell then, though. Personally, I think that entire rest days are important, so if you really want to spend that much time in the gym, I think it would be better to double up workouts on the same day and have more than one whole day off.

Remember, you don't get strong by lifting weights, you get strong by recovering from lifting weights. Good luck!
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