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Default Technique Development and Tabata workouts

I am revisiting the Technique Development program included in Greg's book because my technique is in serious need of the relearning process. I am wondering if including some short Tabata workouts in the morning or afternoon (opposite the Olympic training) will effect my energy levels and ability to complete the daily Olympic workout.

I am a little out of shape in general, and a little heavy around the waist area. I would like to improve my work capacity before we start the wrestling season so that I can keep up with my athletes on the mat.

I was thinking I would do 4-12 minute tabata workouts about three days a week generally Monday Wednesday Friday, alternating the exercises and time duration. I am most likely going to keep them body weight exercises such as squat, sit-ups, tuck jumps, push ups, ring rows, jumping pull-ups (still working on increasing the amount of pulls and kips I can do.) and a few others....

any suggestions?
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